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Center for Behavioral Health: 617.523.6400

Family Based and Youth Services: 617.523.6400

Family Independence Teen Living Program: 617.541.0944, or 617.427.9966

About Our Programs

Integrated Services System

Participants in Strong Start, and Helping Fathers Be Fathers, as well as other Family Service programs, benefit from a comprehensive continuum of services for children, youth and their families.  For example: a child may come to Family Service through Strong Start and an assessment will show that her father is a good candidate for Helping Fathers.  In addition, other parenting education and family support programs may be identified as helpful to the family’s well being. Through one child’s initial involvement with Family Service, an at-risk family is now working towards future success.

Our Family Connections service system is flexible, client-centered and strength-based. Components range from prevention/life skill education to specialized clinical intervention.

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