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A Rich History of Service to Boston

Few American social service organizations claim as rich a history as Family Service of Greater Boston, which traces its roots to 1835—during Andrew Jackson’s presidency and only 13 years after Boston’s incorporation as a city.  We have served children, youth and families through the wide sweep of the American experience—during the Civil War, two World Wars, Great Depression, civil rights and women’s movements, and the technology revolution.

The early charities that evolved into Family Service introduced ideas and methods of "self-help" that underlie the modern concepts of community service and philanthropy.  Family Service has carried on the traditions of social innovation which characterized its predecessors.  Adapting to changing needs, we continue to meet the requirements of new generations of residents struggling to overcome the most damaging effects of poverty, discrimination, violence and isolation.  Today, as throughout our history, we promote self-sufficiency and well-being as essential to building healthy families and communities.

The Family Service of Greater Boston /families since 1835 from GENERATIONS cinemastories on Vimeo


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